Project Management Support

Pinion Project Management can provide support in the following areas:

1. Advice on organisational variables which determine whether projects succeed or fail

2. Forming, leading and motivating cross functional project teams

3. Identifying, agreeing and ranking stakeholders’ needs

4. Leading problem finding exercises, business risk assessments, and costs/benefits analyses to ensure that problems are properly identified and solved

5. Identifying preferred suppliers and supporting negotiations on the cost of products and services

6. Developing, defining and justifying a robust project scope with detailed costs (work breakdown structure)

7. Gathering accurate information to make better decisions and produce better plans

8. Developing, defining and mapping each stage of the project process from conception to completion

9. Managing project resources and expectations whilst controlling spend

10. Leading project reviews before, after and during each project to capture and apply lessons learned from previous projects

Customised Project Management Training

Designing and delivering project management training/workshops to suit the unique needs and culture of your organisation.